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't tell us much. who is that? is that the secretary of defense? is it the cia director? is it the national security advisor? is it the president of the united states? the vice president? we don't know. so this topic really dominated the briefing yesterday. jay carney insisted on every level, we are doing the right thing. >> we have acknowledged to the united states that sometimes we use remotely piloted aircraft to conduct targeted al-qaeda terrorists in order to present attacks on the united states and save american lives. we couple conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate ongoing threats t and save american lives. these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> legal, ethical and wise and jay carney says here is the legal authority we are talking about. >> also takes his responsibility in conducting the war against al-qaeda as authorized by congress in a way that is fully consistent with our constitution and all of the applicable laws. >> bill: of course, he is talking about that blanket authorization f
will have to pass onties nomination to be president obama's secretary of defense. >> i'm on the record of many issues but no one individual vote. no one individual quote. no one individual statement defines me, my beliefs or my record. >> john: were hagel then stated his beliefs as they applied to his nomination. >> america has and must maintain the strongest military in the world. that we must lead in the international community to confront threats and challenges together. i believe and i always have believed that america must engage in the world not retreat from the world but engage from the world. my record is consistent on these points. >> john: now that i may sound like a mainstream, boiler-plate statement of american aims, but if you believe some committee republicans today senator hagel's record ranges from dangerously radical to terribly wrong on some of the biggest issues of the day. >> senator hagel's record is deeply troubling and out of the mainstream. too often he's willing to subscribe to a worldwide view predicated on appeasing our adversaryies while shunning our friends
of sort of crystalizing what it is his job is. you know, when you are secretary of defense, yes, you are part of the decision-making team for the national security in this country. but at the end of the day, you don't operate in a vacuum. you know, you operate with the secretary of state, the national security advisor and at the end of the day president barack obama is the one who makes decisions. you take out those decisions. to some extent. i had this conversation. i was sort of dealing with this in my mind. they were trying to get him on iran and, like he is horrible on iran. at the end of the day, you know, to some extent the military the defense department is in a vacuum here unless the president orders military the defense department really doesn't -- it's irrelevant whether or not he believes in sanctions or not. >> i think it's pretty ridiculous what these meetings have turned into with cabinet members. we saw it more after barack obama is president. this is chuck hagel, a bona fide war hero a veteran, a republican. >> check. >> a former senator
is on his farewell tour as defense secretary. he's now saying that drones is a moral decision. >> as a catholic i remember when i first became director of the c.i.a. and realized i was making life-and-death decisions. >> and it was the super bowl with famous super bowl ads and even jeep got in the game this year. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> and don't let mitt romney know that jeep is actually still an american company. yes, the niners lost the super bowl. for me it was no time. for you it's go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> so welcome to "the young turks." michael shure here, ana kasparian joining me. anna, we had a real tragedy at the shooting range here in texas texas. chris kyle was gunned down by someone he was trying to treat. >> reporter: 25-year-old eddie ray roth was charged with two counts of murder with the death of legendary military sniper chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. kyle was one of the most skilled and deadly snipers in u.s. history. he once shot a target more than a mile away. he was a highly decorated navy seal, seven medals of bravery. >> michael hastings
of self defense which is what's being invoked here mainly, then you ought to be able to demonstrate that to a judge. >> i don't believe that. i believe they are not going to judge us because they don't have the evidence. i know, that's heresy to say on television. i don't believe they have the evidence. you're not supposed to blindly trust your government. that's for other governments not a democracy. when we come back, there was a terrible shooting as there is almost every week. this was back in 2005 in washington. let me show you what happened there, first. >> i felt a concussion from the gunfire. >> i saw a man down the way running backward, shooting. >> confusion. >> you can't believe it was really happening. it was frightening. >> the man shot in that incident joins us when we come back. he's got a powerful story to tell. if you think you know what it is, you don't know it at all. wait until you come back and see this. (vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo
, he is spushingpushing for his man to be the new secretary of defense. leon panetta was on "meet the press" yesterday commenting about chuck hagel's appearance last week in front of the senate foreign relations committee but first, leon defending hagel and said they weren't asking the most important questions. >> they talked a lot about post quotes. but what about when a secretary of defense is confronting today? what about the war on terrorism? the budget sequester? what about middle east turmoil? what about cyber attacks? all of the issue that con front a secretary of defense, we did not see enough time spent on discussing those issues and in the end, that's what counts. >> you are fully confident chuck hagel is prepared to take over? >> absolutely. >> bill: do you think he will get confirmed? what about tcmi hearing? i have seen chuck hagle. he used to be on crossfire. he is good under cross examination. >> let's talk about that. but yes, he is going to get confirmed. there are 55 democrats who are going to vote for him. two republicans have already
out in mclean at c.i.a. headquarters or at the defense department who is sitting there just like playing video games. this is real time. and they're sending the drones over villages in pakistan. they make the decision and boom, they blow up a house or blow up a warehouse or whatever and kill a dozen people and then they just hop in their car and drive home and have dinner with their kids. there's no risk at all to any american life. is this the warfare of the future? is this something we ought to be doing? serious question i think for us americans. the idea that we can kill americans anywhere on the planet with no plans to attack the united states, what if george bush had done this? that's my question. what if george bush and dick cheney had done this. what would we be saying? 1-866-55-press. you know what? we would be raising hell and i think we ought to raise hell now with the obama administration doing it and demand some answers. what is the policy relating to drones? >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." have the data and i want them to have the passion. show, to be
ratio to cuts, and new revenue. then we have defense cuts to 3 billion in jobs. jobs is the thing that will really reduce the deficit. more taxpayers is going to result in the lower deficit than already this year. if we look at the last year we've seen the deficit go down because you've seen a little bit of success in the job market. not enough, but you have seen us reducing that deficit. that's really what the balancing act is all about. i would think that any fair-minded member of congress would want to see us balance and not just ask to solve the deficit crisis by forcing it all on the shoulders of people who defend upon important government programs. >> john: it seems inspiring that you're trying to sneak sanity into the budget debate. i commend you for it. you were there when the president laid out his gun control proposals. >> yes. >> are these campaign-style events the best way for him to drum up support for this issue? >> yes, and the reason why i think so, the american public supports common-sense gun-violence prevention. we support universal background checks closing the
, and pistols for self defense. now that balance has shifted and people are buying more pistols than rifles. when we talk about whether this is a reasonable thing for people to buy for their hobby i think what we have to remember is that the kind of use that buyers are imagining has visited very dramatically. where ten years ago you could say possibly the gun owners in america are still thinking about going out and hunting dear. now that balance has really changed. and what they're imagining is a visceral threat to their home or loved ones. what is weird about that, this is a decade in which crime has fallen precipitously. as there is less actual threat of some home invasion or a murder, a mugging the perception of those threats, and the perception of the need to defendoneoneselves has risen. >> john: base on your reporting who do you think the nra really represents, and more importantly, why? >> well, starting in 1999, the industry was under assault like the tobacco makers, the big tobacco was from civil liability lawsuit. and the nra got out in front of the industry. by 2005 it had passed
chuck hagel to be secretary of defense. i'll tell you what kind of commander in chief. the kind of commander in chief that arms the muslim brotherhood, regime in cairo. hollowing out the greatest military force on the face of the earth under his direct command, the united states military. >> wow. >> does he get to yell like that for four years. >> stephanie: he will be making more regular appearances on hannity's show. >> don't call me crazy. >> stephanie: eric, what kind of commander in chief would nominate -- >> exactly. how dare he? how dare he nominate a nebraska, republican vietnam veteran to be secretary of defense. so much for outreach, right? so much for obama working across party aisles. >> stephanie: you're right. the yelling makes it better. if you can't be right be loud. >> the press for four years demanded why can't obama make d.c. bipartisan? why can't he fix this bipartisan gap? so he -- he nominates a republican. sends him up for a hearing and the republicans maul chuck hagel for seven hours. i'm pretty sure this is the last time we'll see anyone reach across a p
hagel will have to wait a little while longer before take up his new position as secretary of defense. the senate armed services committee had hoped to hold a vote as soon as today but now that's being delayed. after last week's hearing republicans say they want more information on hagel's speeches and his financial disclosures. until then they are opposing the vote but the committee chair is still hoping to schedule one as soon as possible. in idaho, a republican state senator is introducing a bit of an obscure bill requiring every single high school student to read ayn rand's novel. when asked why he chose that particular book, senator john getty said it because it made his son become a republican. he said it gives high schools an alternative way to adopt graduation requirements. he does not plan on making a hard push for the bill or holding any hearings on that proposal. back on the national front military services are outlining their plan for a serz of spending -- series of spending cuts kicking in march 1st. sequester calls for $1.2 trillion in cuts over the next decade. that mea
forces farewell tribute today in honor of defense secretary lienon panetta. he will be at joint base myer henderson at 4:00 this afternoon. this is the formal goodbye for panetta stepping down from his position. yesterday, he testified over the attacks in benghazi where he revealed there was no advanced warning for those attacks. he said that factor plus the time and distance involved prevented the u.s. military from reaching the consulate before four americans were killed. panetta also confirmed he personally broke the news to president obama the night of the attack but that the two did not speak the rest of the evening as the assault continued to unfold. the president had told panetta to do whatever he needed to do to protect our people out in benghazi. today, house democrats wrap up their annual retreat with a little comedy. stephen colbert is speaking to the caucus thanks to an invite from nancy pelosi. after his comedy routine, pelosi will interview colbert in front of the house democrats. a spokesman said they assume this is colbert's attempt at a
to what happened last week with chuck hagel and his nomination hearing to be secretary of defense you know, brennan claim through i think as a strong, credible witness. it took three hours for the committee to get through issues regarding the loc memos eit the enhanced interrogation techniques and what it meant to the bin laden raid. and other things to get to what i think is really what most people want to hear which is how do you feel -- what's the nature of the threat that you're going to confront as director of central intelligence, what does recent developments in benghazi or mali or algeria what's that tell us about an evolving al-qaeda. its connection to the core in afghanistan and pakistan and where we go from here. they got to it eventually after exhausting every other alternative. >> john: senator feinstein raised the prospect of raising oversight for the drone war. do you think either is ever to be approved by the congress? >> i'm skeptical. on the one hand, i think that the administration should be more forthcoming particularly after the fact. tick harley where we do have ameri
's a with quasi fascist groups like the american defense society which deemed many immigrants genetically inferior. and the hart seller act discontinued quotas based on national origin. they feared competition from new immigrants who were willing to work for lower wages. so why do america's unions now favor immigration reform? let's ask uaw president bob king, he is joining us tonight from washington, d.c. where he is attending his community conference. welcome back inside "the war room." >> great to be with you. >> jennifer: looking at this history and knowing that not too long ago they were proposed to immigrants, why has labor changed its tune? >> from the uaw perspective it's multi-level, number one is we believe this fairness and dignity for all human beings. and we think it's good for all current workers in the u.s. immigrants in this country right now are often exploited by their employers or paid at lower wages than they should be. they are not given the benefits they should be. it gives them a path at work and raises their wages, which is good for everybody in t
of defense. it's not just about this confirmation process it's about the job they will do. it's about dealing with things like the mideast. as you can see there are flare ups in the mideast almost daily. let's look at this from egypt. >> now the head of the army is warn it is on the verge of collapse. they tell us the new president is acting like a dictator, like the one egyptians overthrew. these are carpenters, tour guides and teachers. they believe if they don't rise up their country will be turned into an islamic state. >> we have eric cunningham from egypt. i think it's 2:30 a.m. so thanks for sticking up with us. >> no problem. >> so oh, can you run through how bad is egypt now compared to when the revolution took place? we've heard talk of civil war. is that what you're feeling on the ground? >> i don't think we're at the point where there would be a civil war just yet but with more tense this time around, it took a more central role. there were protests with security forces. certainly, things are a lot different. they sort of dropped the pretense of a peaceful uprising against the gov
is ridiculous, because the opinions or policies or whatever that the defense secretary are meaningless. he is not allowed to make his own policy and where was mccain when rums field was put in after he was selling to hussein. >> stephanie: yeah. it's not about only statement he made when -- you are absolutely right. sit to carry out the policy of the president. i loved some woman said he is so to the extreme left of president obama. >> i believe that was kelly arod that said that. >> stephanie: okay. so which is it? is he a socialist -- or is he -- >> or he's to the right of chuck hagel. >> stephanie: yeah. how can he be a socialist and chuck hagel -- >> or do these people not know the definition of socialism. >> stephanie: really? >> i think that's the -- >> stephanie: interesting. >> big huge taxes to pay for roads! that's socialism! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. bill o'reilly and bob beckel. >> the 60% who are answering approve of barack obama even though the economy is bad after -- >> it is better than it was -- >> yes, it is too. how can you possibly come up with --
tvland. well, it's official jacki schechner i will never be secretary of defense. >> how come? >> stephanie: they are holding up his nomination among other things they want some information about someone in his office that sexually harassed someone else. >> oh, and you would be more directly involved. >> stephanie: yes. >> i'm pretty sure chuck hagel never had to make that call the next morning. >> stephanie: oh to jacki? sorry, i know you are straight. >> i'm less worried about myself and more worried about t-bone and chris. good morning, everybody, white house counter terrorism chief and cia director john brennan will head up to the hill today for his confirmation hearings. he is facing tough questions. some congressional committees had access to a memo in june but now that it has been made entirely public, it is raising all sorts of concerns about the ethics and legalalty of using force against americans overseas. and the senate intelligence committee sent brennan questions prior to today's hearings including how do they determine whether someone is af
it a targeted killing or something of that sort or an act of self-defense. >> john: from the minds who brought us collateral damage, metilla, have you any circumstances where folks on the ground felt the drone strikes were justified in the middle east? the main argument i don't hear about this is aren't the strikes making us less safe? >> i recently returned from pakistan. i can tell you with all certainty that we have alienated a huge number of people in that country who now consider the united states an enemy. so if we killed some high-level al-qaeda or some high-level taliban, it is not justified in the overall sense of are we safer as a nation. i would say we're far less safe as a nation and that's one of the reasons i think if they were a rational congress, they would be rejecting john brennan. >> john: i think it will be a timely hearing this week. scott, is the administration going down the same road as the bush administration did by keeping this secret? shouldn't the public understand what the administration is up to when it kills an american citizen who hasn't actually been charged wi
the democrats have needed a way to look strong on defense and this is a way to do it. >> stephanie: jim says civilian casualties is not strong, not tough. >> you know who looked tough? the nazis. [ buzzer ] >> come on. i had to do it. >> stephanie: person from tennessee who wants to sell oil rigs to a quote-unquote known terrorist in afghanistan, it is a war zone. if you want to do business there, odds if you're going to get killed, if not by a drone but by your customers. >> it is not that much of a war zone anymore. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i would think of another line of work than selling anything to known terrorists. just saying. i'm trying to help people figure out what color their parachute is. >> hmm? >> stephanie: unsolicited testimonial from judy. steph subscription is only $4.95 a month. $7.95 a month if you have a fear of commitment. >> you can listen to the app on your iphone or ipad. >> thank you for apping yourself. you're welcome. i think i need some steph swag now. >> be warned. it could be a gateway drug to swag. >> you can get the steph crap through the steph app. >> ste
in terms of financial support for tea party candidates. >> you are the one being defensive shut up. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: oh, no, i hate stories like this. civil war they are calling it. brewing republican civil war between establishment types like karl rove and tea party activists. many tea partiers are wildly lashing back. citizens united president david bossy said the civil war has begun. yes, fight! fight! fight! [ applause ] >> stephanie: tea party groups -- i love this part -- and by the way, jim this is a spectacular idea -- tea party groups threatening to even back third-party candidates. yes! yes! [ applause ] >> go be free. >> stephanie: don't be rihanna, fight back. yes! go third-party all the way. if a tea party-backed group loses, they might support third-party candidates. [ applause ] >> do it! >> stephanie: more democracy the better. [ giggling ] >> stephanie: tea-and then a he. glen stanton from focus on the family. >> this is a -- a really pernicious lie of satan that the gender part of humanity doesn't matter, because th
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